WSRO Power Boost

Laurence Glavin
Sat Jul 14 16:27:47 EDT 2012

I guess it's no big deal, but WSRO-AM 650 seems to have gone ahead with its power boost, with or without Governor Patrick's
 assistance. My radio that displays relative signal strength shows an uptick in the signal during the day, but only a little. My table radio
 in-house is receiving a clearer signal and on my car radio, it can be heard while I'm driving
 around Methuen and Lawrence. Previously I could only get it on the highways around here. The coverage
 graph at shows a pattern sending its strongest signal during the day to the northeast. I would have
 expected a major lobe due east. Does anyone know if WKOX-AM 1200's pattern was directed due east or a
 skosh to the northeast? It also appears that WSRO's directional daytime pattern sends less signal to the NW, W and SW
 than its 250-watt NDA.

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