The most impactful television events of the last 50 years

Kevin Vahey
Thu Jul 12 10:31:32 EDT 2012

This list bothers me - I know age is a factor but still.

To me one of the most shocking out of the blue TV events happened during a
Patriots game in 1980.

For us older fossils there are several that would make the list

RFK shot.
LBJ announces he is not running.
Landing on the Moon.
Oswald shot.
Nixon calls it quits.

The most impactful television events of the last 50 years, as measured in a
survey conducted by Nielsen and Sony Electronics. The rankings are based on
a questionnaire of consumers about events they had watched, if they
remember where they were and if they discussed the events with others.

1. Sept. 11 terrorist attacks (2001).
2. Hurricane Katrina (2005).
3. The O.J. Simpson verdict (1995).
4. The Challenger space shuttle explodes (1986).
5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011).
6. The O.J. Simpson White Bronco chase (1994).
7. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami (2011).
8. Columbine school shooting (1999).
9. BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico (2010).
10. Princess Diana's funeral (1997).
11. Death of Whitney Houston (2012).
12. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein (2006).
13. Barack Obama Election Night speech (2008)
14. Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (2011).
15. John F. Kennedy assassination (1963).
16. Oklahoma City bombing (1995).
17. Bush/Gore disputed election (2000).
18. Los Angeles riots, Rodney King beating (1992).
19. Casey Anthony murder trial verdict (2011).
20. John F. Kennedy funeral (1963)

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