Did WBZ-TV cross the line on July 4th concerning public

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Hasn't this sort of nonsense been illegal ever since the Orson Welles War of 
the World incident?

> This isn't the first time CBS has done strange things.
> During the Gulf War, when Israel was hit by Iraqi missiles, Dan Rather
> reported that an Israeli retaliation was under way.  He kept it up for
> some time, while other networks were saying nothing about an Israeli
> retaliation.  There was no Israeli retaliation. Eventually Dan Rather
> stopped reporting it, but he never corrected his earlier reports.
> I've told this story before, but in January 1979, the day Ed King was
> inaugurated as governor, I was on the State House Steps, along with
> other Dukakis supporters for the outgoing governor's traditional walk
> down the front stairs.  I also had a transistor radio in my pocket with
> an earpiece in one ear.  At noon, Dukakis came down the front stairs,
> and at the same time WEEI cut away from local coverage for the CBS
> network news.  By the time the network news was over, the crowd was
> disbursing, and many of us were following Dukakis down to the Greek
> restaurant near Faneuil Hall where the party was to be held.  And WEEI
> said that Dukakis was about to take his walk down the front stairs of
> the State House. And they pretended to be carrying it live.
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