Happy 30th Birthday WMJX (Magic 106.7)

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 01:52:39 EST 2012

> Would WMJX have survived 30 years had
> CBS not blown up WEEI-FM?  I think
> not.

WEEI-FM was a station a lot of people felt passionately about.  Talented 
staff (who left to go onto other things), great imagery, cool, creative and 
hip...and while they may have had a couple of "pretty good books"....they 
were never taking the market by storm.

They probably made money for CBS...as they ran it on the cheap.

However, the format was dumped because WMJX came on and took all their 
ratings away.

WEEI was focused on a niche audience and played a lot of unknown 
titles....while WMJX did a lot of research, and focused on playing people's 
favorite soft rock songs.  More of a mass-appeal soft-rock station.

WEEI-FM while enjoyed by many....could not survive as a soft-rock station 
against a station that research and marketed itself as well as WMJX did.

I think WSSH was more of a "vocal based AC"...Magic was never a Beautiful 
Music station.

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> Would WMJX have survived 30 years had
> CBS not blown up WEEI-FM? I think
> not.
> In the beginning, WMJX was more vocals-based BM than the
> soft AC you hear
> today, closer to the younger end of the WSSH-WHUE-WJIB demo.
> EEI-FM was
> cooler then than WMJX is today and took some chances with
> the playlist and
> even had one of the great jingle packages of modern times.
> There's a special ring of Hades for CBS programmers who do
> things like dump
> the successful products on the company's Boston and New York
> O & Os.
> WMRQ indeed.

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