WEEI-FM transmitting in Mono

James Duffy jimduffy75@gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 19:30:23 EST 2012

Hi.  To borrow and modify the oldest talk radio Cliché; “first time emailer,
long time reader”.

Has any one noticed that WEEI-FM has not been transmitting in stereo for
well over a week?  Is this temporary in order to rectify technical issues or
is Entercom purposely doing this to either improve reception, cut cost or
some combination of both?  If this is permanent, its very unfortunate
because I honestly believe a great part of 98.5 the Sports Hub’s success is
derived from producing Patriots and Bruins games in stereo, combined with
there use of music to create what I believe is a superior production value.

I’m not in the industry at all, but I still follow it passionately, despite
how its being slowly brought to the ground each day and I still believe
Boston is more fortunate than a lot of cities in both the choice and quality
of our radio stations.  If WEEI wants to remain competitive and perhaps
dominate again, they can learn a lot from the Sports Hub when it comes to
both talent and the subtleties of production.

Thank you.


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