Any ETA when CKGM moves to 690?

Mon Jan 9 12:21:01 EST 2012

Have you seen the 690 app? Are you sure 690 will be directional? The
990 site has plenty of towers (six), but I'd scarcely call them well
suited (either in height, location, or extent of the ground system)
for a 690 station. I believe that CINF was directional to the north,
though not very. If 690 is going to use the 990 site, it might be best
off running ND, which would probably be permitted; IIRC, CBF was ND.
However, it would take a designer who is good at, umm, let's call it
out-of-the-box approaches and a healthy dose of positive thinking to
be able to claim Class A minimum antenna efficiency from 63-degree
towers using a sub-standard ground system. I think that the best
approach would be a waiver on efficiency, which should be nothing new
in Canada. The good news is that, only isolation networks might be
required--no new phasor.

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> On 1/9/2012 2:33 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> It has been a couple of months since CKGM was awarded the clear
>> channel 690
>> in Montreal after convincing the CRTC is was the only way the
>> station could
>> survive.
>> Any ETA when the switch might happen?
> The move will require some pretty extensive construction. Cogeco
> won't make the former CINF 690 site (the old CFCF/CIQC 600 site at
> Kahnawahke, south of Montreal) available to anyone else, and the old
> CBF 690 site at Brossard, east of Montreal, has been dismantled.
> IIRC, Bell's plan was to put CKGM 690 at the existing CKGM 990 site
> south of Montreal, but that will require a new phasor at the very
> least, and probably more than that, because part of the Bell
> application was a promise to continue to make the existing 990
> facilities available to a new licensee, which will be Evanov's
> "Radio Fierte." That means diplexers and new transmission lines and
> so on, and that requires some time - you don't buy that stuff off
> the shelf.
> I would guess that CKGM on 690 is likely to show up around the time
> the next Habs season starts in the fall. I'd be surprised to see it
> happen much sooner.
> s

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