Happy 30th Birthday WMJX (Magic 106.7)

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Sun Jan 8 17:50:00 EST 2012

What does UNS mean? (It's at the beginning of the subject field,
below.) I looked up the abbreviation/initialism/acronym at
acronymfinder.com and the only match to the letters UNS that sounded
promising was the word "unsigned." But unsigned does not appear to
apply either to Garrett's response or to Paul H's message, to which
Garrett was responding. Both of those messages were signed. From the
Moderator, of all people, we have a right to expect better than
message titles that contain undefined strings of letters.

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> <<On Sun, 8 Jan 2012 16:15:53 -0500, "Paul Hopfgarten"
> <paul@derrynh.net> said:
>> 96.9 (as WBCS) was country CONCURRENTLY with Evergreen's WKLB
>> (orginially
>> signed on as WCLB in Feb 1994 IIRC) on 105.7.
> When I moved here in 1994, the commercial FM dial looked like this:
> So that's four facilities with no significant change in programming
> over 18 years.  Meanwhile, all except 92.5, 95.3, 99.1, and 106.7
> have
> changed ownership at least once.  (99.5 I think has the most, Granum
> to Infinity to Greater to Nassau to WGBH.)
> -GAWollman

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