Who brought you to WBZ?

Don Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 18:01:41 EST 2012

I was listening to the Steve Leveille / Scott Fybush interview on the 
occaision of WBZ's 90th anniversary.  One of the questions was.....who (what 
personality/program) brought you to WBZ?

Myself, as a kid discovering some stations on FM...I found "Rockin' Stereo 
106.7 WBZ-FM".  Lots of great songs for a teenager with no commericals!

They used to join the AM station for the top of the hour news, (a tune-out 
for a teenager!), yet there were times when I would be cleaning my room or 
something an left it on through the newscast.  Quite often, WBZ-FM would 
fail to split off from the AM simulcast for the news...and would continue to 
air the programming from AM.

It wasn't long before my curiosity got me tuning into WBZ AM....and hearing 
Dave Maynard doing middays, Test the Teams, Don Batting, Maurice Lewis doing 
news, etc.  (Was never a fan of Carl....)

When I got my drivers licence, most cars only ahd an AM radio.....and when 
WRKO was into news or spots, and WLLH was doing soemthing I didn't care 
for...I would scan the dial...and found Bruce Bradley and his wit.  Thius 
guy was a riot without even trying!  (I cracked up when he referred to 
"Honey Lips Bob Raleigh" or Bruce Schweogler as "Schweggy-poo"!)

Later in my teenage years, I started discovering "The World of Guy Manilla" 
and on Sunday Nights Lovelle Dyett.  Both interesting individuals....who 
gave me some interest in talkradio.

I will say that when I had other friends my age in my car, they hated my 
selections....  ;-)

Who brought you to WBZ?


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