WHDH-TV Weather 1959

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I found tons of “Your ESSO reporter” info on Google, seems that news show title  is still being used all around the world including such places as Aruba. Dan you will find very detailed lists of radio and TV stations within Standard Oil of NJ- ESSO marketing territory from Maine to Texas that were involved and even info on the CBS Boston.com web page. There is a fully restored ESSO station in Mena, Arkansas.
FYI, Exxon USA still markets many products using the ESSO name in the original SO NJ territory to keep from losing the ESSO trademark, I often see them at Exxon-Mobil dealers and cases of ESSO motor oil and transmission fluid appear at Auto Zone. Recently saw some cases at an independent gas station in Melrose.
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I couldn't find any "Your Esso Reporters" from the US on YouTube, but there was this one from Brazil:


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I remember Victor Best as the Esso Reporter in the mid to late 50's on
channel 4.

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