Interesting Coincidence: Chuck Todd Comment & Fybush Calendar

Laurence Glavin
Wed Feb 22 16:13:18 EST 2012

On his MSNBC TV show "Daily Rundown", Chuck Todd has a daily trivia question. Just a few days ago, he asked "which Presidential candidate's
 grandfather was appointed to the Federal Radio Commission?" It turned out to be Mitt Romney, whose mother was the daughter of Harold Lafount.
 The FRC preceded the FCC of course, and its appointees represented certain areas of the country. Mr. Lafount was from Utah and represented
 the Western United States. Now a glance at the Scott Fybush Calendar for February, 2012 contains the information that Thursday, the 23rd, is
 the 85th anniversary of the date that Calvin Coolidge signed the Act that brought the FRC into being. Without making any comment
 about the upcoming Presidential election, there remains the possibilty that Mitt Romney could gain the Republican nomination,
 and therefore have a good shot at becoming President. If that happens, one fine day a President Romney would certainly make an appointment to the FCC,
 and nearly nine decades later, we would come full circle.

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