While wandering through the Upper Midwest.

scott@fybush.com scott@fybush.com
Tue Feb 21 16:54:30 EST 2012

> Years ago, when my late wife and I traveled out that way, my favorite
> station was CKUA 580 in Edmonton (or is it Edmondton?). CKUA is long
> gone from AM now but it was owned by the University of Alberta and was
> only 10 kW (by day--not sure about nights; it would have had to
> protect KMJ, WIBW, and WKTY).

Actually, it still exists on AM! 50,000 watts these days, at least
daytime. The CKUA network went through a bunch of financial troubles in
the mid-1990s and is now in the hands of a private foundation. It seems to
be doing OK lately.

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