While wandering through the Upper Midwest.

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Years ago, when my late wife and I traveled out that way, my favorite
station was CKUA 580 in Edmonton (or is it Edmondton?). CKUA is long
gone from AM now but it was owned by the University of Alberta and was
only 10 kW (by day--not sure about nights; it would have had to
protect KMJ, WIBW, and WKTY). I think it was DA-2 with a north-south
pattern--by day anyhow. At a distance of about 200 miles, we listened
to it wherever we went in Montana and, of course, the reception only
improved as we entered Alberta. It was like a local and the
programming was great, too.

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> When I was on that train in Montana I don't think we were any closer
> to
> Regina than about 150 miles and CBK just blasted in and for a good
> hour it
> was the ONLY station available ( AM or FM ) - One does not
> understand rural
> until they see Eastern Montana.

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