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Garys Ice Cream gary@garysicecream.com
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Actually Rick Starr's reason for moving Dave to overnights was part of the
master plan to move him to mornings.  Rick figured that he could "cut his
chops" on talk by doing a year of overnights.....he did overnights for
exactly one year.  Then "Maynard in the Morning" premiered.


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I am thinking it was around 1978 that they put Dave on overnights figuring
he would quit and he thrived on it if I recall.

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 8:14 PM, Garys Ice Cream <gary@garysicecream.com>
> Dave was a classy guy.....and a pleasure to work with.  I became 
> Dave's overnight producer after Ruth Clennot (sp?).   I was also the 
> producer of "Maynard in the Morning" for the first six months of the 
> show.  In those days we worked 8 hour shifts (as opposed to working 
> just 1 show today).....so I worked with Bob Raleigh overnight and then 
> with Dave in the morning.  It was during "Maynard in the Morning" that 
> we put together "the BZ Traffic Network" for the first time. (Rick Starr
was the PD).
> RIP Dave.
> -Gary Francis,

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