Should WSMN-AM's CP Have Expired By Now?

Laurence Glavin
Sun Dec 30 16:30:30 EST 2012

Just out of idle curiosity, I tuned my AM radio that displays relative signal strength to check out WSMN-AM 1590 in
 Nashua, NH. It seemed to me that Absolute Broadcasting had acquired an approval from the FCC for extra
 time to build out its 5K DA-2 until sometime in 2012, which is ending very shortly. I did it at around noon
 when there was maximum solar effectiveness in squelching AMs with shorter wavelengths, but WSMN was
 as weak as ever. It's now well past construction season so it would appear that they either petition to run
 about 200 watts NDA permanently or try for another extension. The verbiage in the last piece of
 correspondence I could find included protestations that the owners were doing their utmost to get
 the authorized facility on the air. Can they do this in 2013 again? And speaking about AMs in the 14s and 15s: 
 the removal of WDCD-AM 1540 in Albany, NY has helped Exter, NH's WXEX-AM 1540 to be heard for several
 miles right after sunrise these mornings whereas in previous winters, if you tuned to 1540 around
 here, you got preachers from WDCD.

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