Channel 21 Concord NH down to 2 subchannel while Channel 68 is up to 4

Bob DeMattia
Sun Dec 30 00:12:58 EST 2012

*Scott Fybush wrote: *
*Must-carry applies to only one program stream per must-carry station.
Everything else is negotiated, and ion doesn't have the leverage to force
its subchannels on cable.*

Ion owns both 21 and 68, both in Boston DMA.  As far as I've seen,
only one stream is carried on cable.  I would guess because the
primary channel is the same on both stations.

Is it just the primary stream that must be carried?  If not, who
decides which one subchannel is must-carry?

Is there some way Ion can use both stations to get two streams
carried?  Perhaps using different programming on 21-1?

On another related topic:
Since one stream is must-carry, how does this affect the "program strikes"
that seem to pop up now and then - for example when WHDH disappeared
from Direct TV a few years back because Direct TV didn't want to pay
Sunbeam what Ansin was asking.  Is it must-carry only when the
cable operator agress to pay the TV station what they are asking?
It seems like the operator could get around must-carry by simply refusing to
pay the asking price, no matter how low.


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