101.7 Lynn

Ed Hennessy ehennessy@verizon.net
Fri Dec 21 08:11:13 EST 2012

Despite CC's comment that they felt that it was time to expand to broadcast from solely internet for a dance music format, could this have also been in response to the recent spotting of several new URLs for 96.9? Would not surprise me that CC would try to steal Greater Media's thunder and switch first. It happened before with the country format switch , if I remember right (but it was Greater and someone else--Infinity? ARS?--back then).

Ed Hennessy

On 12/20/12, Sean Smyth<ssmyth@psualum.com> wrote:
Evolution 101.7, with a dance music format, signed on today. 


Targeting much of the same audience as WFNX did, too.

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