Late-night radio is REALLY getting weird!

Bill O'Neill
Fri Dec 14 09:36:06 EST 2012

The written gaffes have become verbal gaffes.  (Although they're not gaffes if the author is intentional yet wrong.)  Risking curmudgeon mode, our kids in school were not marked-down for spelling. We were marked down for poor pronunciation. 

Bill <cough hack wheeze> O'Neill

PS. No lost irony on the fact that my posting here from a phone results in grammatical and formatic failure... 

A Joseph Ross <> wrote:

>On 12/13/2012 7:30 PM, Dan.Strassberg wrote:

>It's rare everywhere.  This evening I heard a reporter on WBZ say that 
>MacAfee had asked the State Department to "expediate" his girl friend's
>application for a visa to enter the US.
>And the typing and spelling errors on the crawl at the bottom of the 
>screen on news channels are legion, especially on NECN.

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