Late-night radio is REALLY getting weird!

Thu Dec 13 19:30:00 EST 2012

I think Public Radio Remix is OK but I have the feeling that it will not age
well. I think that Comedy 24/7 is OK for what it is but is handicapped by
the need to appeal to a demographic that is about 60 years younger than I
am. Longer bits would be helpful--especially in the overnights--along with
much less emphasis on drugs and aberrant sex. I think the current state of
WBZ overnight is both a travesty and a tragedy. The program needs one host
and not any of the ones BZ has tried. Of those that WBZ has brought in, my
preference is for Bradley Jay (or is that J or Jaye?--I don't think he has
ever said how he spells it). As far as I can tell, my preference is not
shared by anybody who has posted to the BZ overnight thread at Most of the posters seem to virulently oppose Bradley. Could
be the age difference again, but I don't know. I'm also concerned that
Bradley doesn't have what it takes to do five hours a night five nights a
week for much longer than, say, five weeks. He doesn't appear to do much
pre-show prep and I think that a lot of prep is essential to making the show
compelling. Given my politics, I'm sure it's no surprise that I think Todd
Feinburg would be the absolutely worst possible choice--although I do have
to give Todd credit for proper use of the English language, which is really
rare in talk radio today. I wonder whether he might at some point have
taught English in junior high or high school.

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> I'm curious......could all you guys give me an idea of what you'd like to
> hear on late nite/overnite radio.  Locally produced.
> Gary Francis
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> Did I really hear her correctly--that she is living in a house where she
> is
> surrounded by a bunch of unburied, uncremated animal corpses? If so, I'm
> not
> sure why I (or most anybody else) would want to meet her. That is really
> weired!
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>> The woman on WBZ was probably Jen Brien who had been on WRKO for
>> awhile and also was on WXTK I think. Longshot, it could been Jennifer
>> Graham-- ex-wife of Michael Graham, who is a writer, and maybe she's
>> trying radio--but I'm pretty sure it was
>> Jen Brien (pronounced bree-EN).
>> This is one reason why my car stereo (I'm driving home about that time)
>> has XM
>> Satellite radio.

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