Will 96.9 "Beat" up news-talk to go to music?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 12:30:17 EST 2012

WXKS AM  could have let Rush and Coast 2 Coast go to RKO and
perhaps run a morning show (Quinn and Rose, Imus, Bob Bennett) from a syndicator
and carried Beck, Hannity, etc. (Levin went to RKO after Savage left
TRN)...perhaps other hosts like John Gibson from Fox Talk Radio (noon
slot, up against Premiere's own Rush
on RKO), and they would have saved money by cutting Katz and Severin,
which they did do.

I don't know if WTKK would stay talk and go mostly syndie to save
money--I could see them poss. keeping either E&B or Graham...but if
they went all syndie (stayed talk but got rid of local hosts) there
are a bunch available, see above...and Laura Ingraham is due to
re-launch soon via a different syndicator. However if they plan to go
after younger audiences, shows like these may not be the way.

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