Will 96.9 "Beat" up news-talk to go to music?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 11:07:56 EST 2012

Interesting theories and facts. I saw an article Jessica Heslam did in
the Herald back in August of 2007 that wondered if Howie would be "the
7 million dollar man" at WTKK,
where he was trying to jump to. It detailed his base salary would be
maybe 3 or 4 million
over a 5 year contract and it could be up to 7 million with incentive
performance bonuses.
He wound up staying at WRKO of course.

Deals for Carr and Severin were lucrative. RKO tried to lure Eagan and
Braude away but they stayed. It looked like those talk stations were
paying big bucks and getting good
results. What happened? (I'll add that yes, WTKK went down when they got rid of
Severin but when Jay turned up at WXKS, 96.9 quickly put Graham on opposite him
(rather than Meehan) to counter-program.)

Maybe it's all the PPMs. Anyway Radio Insight finds that whomever is
registering these
domain names just did 18 more. Decoys


Lance Venta says, "This is a usual occurrence we see whenever we first
break word of a pending format change, as the company attempts to
create decoys to prevent competitors from figuring out their future
plans. "

Among them: Sports969, 969TheBunker, 969TheTalkOfBoston, Now969,
ClassicRockThatReallyRocks (yeah make it longer willya? People love
typing out long URLs!), JackFM969, NewsBoston969, Oldies969...

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