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Marcia was a unique talent and a good friend.  I produced many of the parody songs she did for both Charles and Jerry Williams.  We also had the good fortune of working with her on a TV parody review we co-wrote called "Don't Touch That Dial".  

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> She moved to Westford after she married.
> I remember her work on WBCN with Charles on 'The Big Mattress'.
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>> Hi, Kevin. Thank you. I remembered and sent off a message a couple of
>> minutes before I received yours. Looks as if my message hasn't gone out to
>> the list yet, though. It's gonna appear that I sent my message only after
>> you jogged my memory and I didn't have the courtesy to say thank you. I was
>> a big fan of Marcia's. Big loss to comedy and radio fans in New England.
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>> Dan
>> You are thinking of Marcia Masters - hard to believe she has been gone 9
>> years
>> http://www.meatballmedia.com/marcia.htm
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>>> Well, the C in WRCA stood for Comedy. WRCA on 1330 in Waltham (NOT the
>>> same calls when they were on 660 in NYC) stood for Radio Comedy and Arts.
>>> It was an imaginative and occasionally quite entertaining format. The air
>>> staff included some really brilliant young talent. I wish I could remember
>>> the name of the young woman who did AM drive. She died (of cancer, IIRC)
>>> not long after the demise of the format on 1330. I believe that, prior to
>>> WRCA, she had done stand-up in Boston and elsewhere and had also done quite
>>> a bit of V/O work.
>>> You can bet that CCU's version of a comedy format will take many fewer
>>> chances than WRCA's did. CCU has a reputation for playing it safe with
>>> their on-air product. If they stick with comedy cuts recorded by only the
>>> best known and highest-paid talent (which is what I expect of CCU), the
>>> format will become stale and will be pulled in most markets within a year
>>> or so or a bit longer.
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>>>> Is there any chance they might actually try a comedy format
>>>> (comparable to some of the comedy channels on Sirius/XM)?
>>>  I seem to remember that other stations in this market have tried it
>>>  before.  I don't recall that any of them lasted long.  But with some
>>>  actual promotion and a strong signal, maybe it would work.
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