1200 stunting as Gaffe 1200

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 09:45:04 EDT 2012

Supposedly (Lance Venta article on radioinsight) some stations like
the one in Norfolk, VA
(WTAR 850) have gotten good ratings and they've been on for over a
year now. But what works elsewhere may not necessarily work here.
There's also an FM in Kansas City MO
area (which has been a translator for KCMO but is now "Funny 102.5")

These sound similar to stations like Laff USA on XM/Sirius.
Some think it may be all comedy till winter when maybe they can switch
to Fox Sports.
You will note AM stations (and some FMs) are going for sports, often
network-only. Talk
radio has devoted listeners who stay tuned for awhile (good
time-spent-listening) Sports
talk does too, and it can skew younger and maybe even a wide range of
age groups. And I'd hate to think this is the case but maybe more
people in this country would care about the
National...Football...League (dut-dut-dut-duh!--Mon Night Football)
than politics.

(I will add that the TV version of MNF did feature an appearance by
one Illinois Senator
who stood proud for his Chicago Bears, putting on a cap and doing the
dut-dut-dut-duh! theme. You know the guy I mean...well, Mr Obama sure
knew that the way to voters'
minds was to reach them through their devoted hobby and pastime:

So if WXKS AM runs comedy till January then goes Fox Sports or
know why. Or it could go political talk again, right or left, who
knows (but if they were to
stay conservative, why the stunt? Other than to maybe win over some
curious listeners who tune in and wonder what's coming up

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