doings at 680, 1510?

Richard Chonak
Tue Aug 7 13:22:11 EDT 2012

I think that's a fair description, even if it's based on a small sample size. Softball for the leftie guests, not so much for the other side.  These days, though, instead of putting the argumentative questions herself, she uses audio clips to do the talking, and asks the conservative guest to respond. Maybe she's trying to distance herself from a reputation for partisanship.


Bob Nelson <> wrote:I'll admit my view of Gross may be from a couple clips Laura Ingraham
once played of her show: one had her fawning over Al Franken
(pre-Senate) as a guest, the other had her going after Bill O'Reilly
hard when he was on with her. (And like anything in politics it
depends on where you're coming from; the far right does not consider
O'Reilly conservative, believe it or not!) 

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