doings at 680, 1510?

Mon Aug 6 10:53:21 EDT 2012

Blackstrap has already brought back Brother Stair (not sure of the
hours--maybe midnight to 4:00AM M-F). Also, in addition to Stair, there may
be another preacher on 1510 overnights; I'm half asleep when I turn on the
radio at those hours. I think Santos is now on only in PM drive, but again,
I'm not sure. Wasn't his 8-10:00AM program mostly (or maybe even 100%)
reruns? On weekends, the new-age talk (or whatever you'd call
it--fortune-tellers, etc) appears to have survived all of the blood-letting
at 1510. Mostly, it's Yahoo! Sports. A pretty sorry lineup BUT I suspect
more profitable for the station ownership than it was before the above

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> Breaking news at about the same time: first WRKO mentions on their
> facebook that a "major programming announcement"
> will take place today at 4 pm during the Howie Carr show. This could
> be anything from Howie to mornings, to sister station
> WEEI 850 going all ESPN (so why the big deal on announcing it on
> 680?), to liberal talk shows added (Schulz?) to who knows what. Howie
> back for 2 more years? We KNOW
> that already, so I doubt it's that. It could be anything, possibly
> something minor. Way to get people tuned in.
> Also Mark S. of Boston Radio Watch hints Blackstrap may be bringing
> new programming to 1510 and a deal and announcement
> may come today, who knows.

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