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Bob: I think you and Mark Schneyder have forgotten a key element in
determining where, if anywhere, Progressive talk appears in Boston: Who is
willing to pay how much to whom. If a syndicator really, really wants a
program to appear in a particlar market or on a particular signal, the
syndicator may be willing to pay the desired station to carry the program.
On the other hand, if a station wants a particular program badly enough, the
station may be willing to pay the syndicator for the right to carry the
program. A lot of stations get syndicated programs by bartering the air time
for the spots. That is, the station agrees to run the national spots that
the syndicator has sold and the station gets the program without shelling
out any cash for it. The syndicator also shells out no cash.

If CCU can get a good enough deal from a syndicator (that is, if the
syndicator is willing to pay CCU enough to have the program appear on WXKS
(AM) 1200), it may not matter (at least initially) that WXKS has so far
achieved only very low ratings. A lot depends on how the various syndicators
view the Boston market. If a show is carried in enough large markets, it
becomes easier (and more profitable) for the syndicator to get the show
carried in markets where the station is willing to pay the syndicator.
Sometimes, this can mean very large markets where the station is willing to
pay the syndicaor handsomely. What I believe we have here is a case of
capitalism at work in something like its purist form.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> 1a Re: News Flash Thu Aug 9, 2012 8:45 am (PDT) . Posted by:
> "raccoonradio" raccoonradio We may know by Aug 21 or so. Here's the story
> of 1200 etc over the years:
> --it used to be WKOX AM 1190 but switched to 1200 and at one time ran
> talk shows like Alan Colmes, Morgan White Jr, etc. Sold to Clear Channel.
> It was progressive talk (along with AM 1430) from Oct of 04 till Dec of 06
> when it switched to Spanish "Rumba". During the prog
> talk days the signal wasn't as good, there was little promotion, and no
> daily talk hosts (some guy named Jeff Santos was on Sundays though)
> --Rumblings had it that Clear Channel wanted to upgrade the signal and put
> their conservative talkers on there. They did improve the signal
> though for many it was still too weak. The switch came in March of
> 2010. A month later one local host, Jeff Katz, was hired. The next year,
> Jay Severin was added. Otherwise, Rush, Coast to Coast (both pulled
> from RKO), Levin, Hannity, etc. The ratings, at least 6 and over,
> weren't much better than the prog talk days though just now they
> pulled a 1.3 (WRKO, a 1.5) Then again 25-54 is a more important demo.
> But CC couldn't make it work even with the local hosts, so they let
> Katz and Severin go and for now are running their other conservative hosts
> to "clear them" (run ads, shows). They did just pay $14
> million to the Phoenix for WFNX. It turned into The Harbor,
> "variety hits". No DJs, tired music selection--it's boring,
> it's predictable--and it will make them lots of money because
> some people want that. (That happened with Entercom and Mike 93.7)
> So here's what it comes down to: They had this AM signal which has
> struggled. Right now they don't want to spend much money on it. (They
> decided to let RKO have Rush and C2C again which they were glad to do.)
> The options include keeping the conservative talk on to "clear the shows",
> run true oldies, run Spanish or yes run progressive talk. What will Clear
> Channel do?
> Mark from Boston Radio Watch talked to me about this. (We also said maybe
> it could go to Fox Sports Radio). He said in his opinion,
> "the chance of prog talk winding up on 1200 is about the same as
> Menino eating at Chik Fil A". In other words, CC won't risk it again?
> Who knows...they could conceivably pick up Steph Miller, T. Hartmann,
> Schultz etc (supposedly Ed hinted he'd be going over to a bigger and
> better station).
> Could any profits from The Harbor 101.7 help CC finance a progressive talk
> station? I'd almost wonder if CC might consider selling it.
> They did put millions of $ into the signal upgrade though. (Which they
> might make back, only AM is dying...)
> Most of CC's talk hosts are conservative but they do have Randi
> Rhodes.
> http://www.premiereradio.com/category/view/talk.html
> The key is CC wants to turn a profit with the station. It hasn't
> quite happened with conservative talk. Would they think it could
> happen with prog talk? One thing's for sure: I would think no matter
> what runs, they want to spend little money. Put on the satellite.
> Program the computer. They tried conservative talk with hosts.
> It didn't work. Even if they did take prog talk it could be
> national stuff only. Who knows, could turn to some local hosts if
> it succeeds.
> It all comes down to what Clear Channel does if it wants to make
> money. They already showed that with The Harbor they would rather
> chase the almighty dollar and run Bon Jovi, Madonna, etc rather than, say,
> bring back the WFNX sound. What will they do with AM 1200?
> If they think prog talk could work, they could try it. But again
> this is Clear Channel. Signal is better than before in SOME areas
> but it still lacks the punch of, say, a WRKO or WBZ. Would they
> make the effort to try prog talk again?
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> Top ^ 1b Re: News Flash Thu Aug 9, 2012 8:57 am (PDT) . Posted by:
> "raccoonradio" raccoonradio Mark of BRW hints 1200 could have a mix of
> shows from Dial Global,
> Cumulus, TRN though he doubts it would be prog talk. Still some prog
> talkers on DG lineup
> TRN: Laura Ingraham
> Dial Global: Smerconish (WTKK), Dennis Miller (WRKO), Schulz,
> Steph Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press, Jim Bohannon
> Cumulus: Imus, G. Rivera, M. Huckabee
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> Top ^ 2a 1510 to sports? Thu Aug 9, 2012 8:46 am (PDT) . Posted by:
> "raccoonradio" raccoonradio This just in from Mark of Boston Radio Watch
>>>Something's big brewing at 1510. Deal signed.All signs point to sports
>>>but yet to get a confirm.Details next week. Sep 4th launch
> (Fox Sports? ESPN Deportes?)
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> Top ^ 2b Re: 1510 to sports? Thu Aug 9, 2012 10:40 am (PDT) . Posted by:
> "raccoonradio" raccoonradio 1510 may go NBC sports which will launch
> around the same time (early Sept.). Talk shows and maybe the NFL package.
> Details next week.
> Companies find sports an easy sell on AM radio, even in over-sportsed-
> markets. Sell those Buds to 25-54 men...
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>> This just in from Mark of Boston Radio Watch
>> >>Something's big brewing at 1510. Deal signed.All signs point to sports
>> >>but yet to get a confirm.Details next week. Sep 4th launch
>> (Fox Sports? ESPN Deportes?)
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