doings at 680, 1510?

Bob Nelson
Tue Aug 7 10:59:30 EDT 2012

I'll admit my view of Gross may be from a couple clips Laura Ingraham
once played of her show: one had her fawning over Al Franken
(pre-Senate) as a guest, the other had her going after Bill O'Reilly
hard when he was on with her. (And like anything in politics it
depends on where you're coming from; the far right does not consider
O'Reilly conservative, believe it or not!) And I haven't quite checked
out Talk of the Nation.

 > given that many rightie talk shows
> get absolutely awful numbers, yet their syndicators seems to bundle them so
> that if you want the big-name guy (or gal), you have to take some of the
> lower-rated shows too.

That's very right, but there are some very successful shows like Rush
(he sure earns a huge salary) and yes some syndicators kinda force
stations to pick up shows. You want
Savage, WRKO, you had to pick up Laura and/or Doyle (or vice versa)

Progressive/liberal talkers (even the ones marketed
> successfully by Dial Global) seem to have their own sales staffs-- I don't
> know how much national selling DG does for Ed or Stephanie or Thom, versus
> how much they are on their own.

Ah. By the way checking out Dial Global I see they offer the
following: Bill Press (liberal),
Dennis Miller (on WRKO weekends--can be mostly conservative but social
liberal. I like Dennis...'course that's just my opinion, hey, I could
be he says), Clark Howard,
Jon Grayson (on WTKK now), Neal Boortz (conservative I think), Jim
Bohannon, Shultz
(not on in Boston now), Smerconish (WTKK), Steph Miller, and Thom
Hartmann. As you say the DG talkers may well have their own sales
Dial Global btw also is doing NBC sports network I believe--they have
done some Olympic
coverage (WEEI has carried) and the ever popular "NFL package" (also WEEI)

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