Limbaugh returns to WRKO

Mon Aug 6 17:45:09 EDT 2012

No 950 in Buffalo--there's a 930 and a 970. Rochester has a 950. You can
probably hear the Buffalo 930 in Rochester if you have a decent radio, but
for all practical purposes, you can't hear the Buffalo 970 in Rochester or
the Rochester 950 in Buffalo. The one station in western NY that I'm pretty
sure runs progressive talk is 1520 in Buffalo (WWKB). I think Entercom owns
it. Even though it's 50 kW-U with half-wave towers and is directional toward
the east day and night, I don't think it comes in particularly well in
Rochester; the good conductivity in that part of New York state can't really
overcome the high dial position.

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> 1200 could be possible, who knows.
> In addition to the chains mentioned btw Entercom also does at least
> one prog talker,
> the 1520 in Buffalo, but the 950 conserv. talker there may do better.
> But we're talking
> CC here.
> On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 4:45 PM, Kevin Vahey <> wrote:
>> Keep in mind all the former 1510 shows that are in limbo - Shultz said he
>> would be back in Boston before the conventions start.

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