never heard this before

Donna Halper
Sat Aug 4 15:54:45 EDT 2012

It may be happening a lot, but it's the first time I can recall it:  I 
was just listening to Kiss 108 a few minutes ago, and on came a 
promotion for the new Harbor 101.7.  Okay fine, nothing new there-- 
stations in the same group have been cross-promoting for ages, but 
usually with two different formats:  I recall WBZ (mostly news) 
promoting the Sports Hub, for example.  But here's what puzzled me:  the 
Harbor promo that was running on Kiss said that since the new station is 
having a "commercial free summer," you should come over to the Harbor 
and listen.  This was said during a Kiss commercial cluster.  The promo 
also said you could always come back to Kiss 108 later.  Wow, cue the 
sound of old-school PDs spinning in their graves.  Didn't the promo just 
encourage listening less to one station and more to the other?

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