TV political ad question

Fri Aug 3 16:07:29 EDT 2012

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> On 8/3/2012 2:03 PM, Richard Chonak wrote:
>> It seems that NBC was another case, as Jeff Immelt's got a reputation for 
>> having called in CNBC staff and told them to go easy on Mr. Obama -- at 
>> least business reporter Charlie Gasparino says he did.  I suppose he did 
>> so for the sake of GE's financial interests, but interference is 
>> interference, whether it's done for corporate financial reasons or 
>> ideological reasons.
> Umm, don't necessarily want to go here, but there is no credible evidence 
> of this.  CNBC has been very critical of Mr Obama, as they were at times 
> with Mr Bush.  The idea that CNBC goes easy on Mr Obama....

I thought we started this conversation about TV spoits/news anchors by 
saying we were going to stay away from politics.

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