TV political ad question

Donna Halper
Fri Aug 3 15:19:59 EDT 2012

On 8/3/2012 2:03 PM, Richard Chonak wrote:
> It seems that NBC was another case, as Jeff Immelt's got a reputation 
> for having called in CNBC staff and told them to go easy on Mr. Obama 
> -- at least business reporter Charlie Gasparino says he did.  I 
> suppose he did so for the sake of GE's financial interests, but 
> interference is interference, whether it's done for corporate 
> financial reasons or ideological reasons.

Umm, don't necessarily want to go here, but there is no credible 
evidence of this.  CNBC has been very critical of Mr Obama, as they were 
at times with Mr Bush.  The idea that CNBC goes easy on Mr Obama can be 
refuted by watching the network regularly (as my husband does).  CNBC is 
very much a pro-business network with demonstrably right-wing leanings.  
That is their privilege, and while the Obama camp may indeed have 
objected to their coverage (presidents ALWAYS dislike certain coverage 
and send their press secretaries out to complain), there isn't much 
evidence that anything changed.  Mr Gasparino has a dog in this fight-- 
he comes from Fox, which is not known for being objective.

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