baker rebroadcast

Fri Aug 3 15:50:56 EDT 2012

After WWRV, the AM1330 in New York City, relocated from Staten Island to
Hackensack many years ago, I had no more problems with nighttime reception
of WRCA. Unlike WWRV's Staten Island pattern, which threw a huge lobe right
at Boston, the Hackensack pattern is pretty deeply nulled in this direction.
Also, when WRCA was operating from its old site on South St in Waltham, I
lived only about six miles from your transmitter--well within WRCA's 25 mV/m
contour. I figured that, despite your big power increase, the move to
Sawmill Brook Parkway, which is about twice as far away as South St, was
going to ruin the nighttime reception here, but I was pleasantly surprised.
The signal wasn't as good as it had been from Waltham but it wasn't bad.

Nevertheless, last week, for the first time since your move to Oak Hill, I
heard some pretty bad interference. Whatever station it was (and I could not
make out any clues to its identity) was duking it out with WRCA and it was
just about even for a period of maybe 15 minutes at around 4:00AM. Then the
interfering station faded significantly. WRCA delivers ~10 mV/m here at
night and I believe its NIF contour is ~8 mV/m. The kind of interference I
heard should, therefore, not have happened. I have to wonder whether the
interfering station was using its daytime power/pattern at night or was
otherwise operating outside of its normal parameters. Unfortunately, I do
not have enough info to say that this was anything other than a freak
atmospheric condisition and certainly not enough for you to contact the
offending station, which I was not even able to identify.

Dan Strassberg (
eFax 1-707-215-6367

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Baker show re-runs tonight (Fri) at 9pm, and Sat 10pm on WRCA. Depending on
where you live, the signal has interference at night, so you might want to
listen to the clear audio on

Dave Bernard, WRCA

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