TV political ad question

Donna Halper
Fri Aug 3 13:08:22 EDT 2012

On 8/3/2012 3:15 AM, Richard Chonak wrote:
> Political donation records suggest that this may not be true of NBC.

The head of GE may have joined the president's jobs council but Jeff 
Immelt is well known for being a registered Republican.  And Comcast has 
long contributed mainly to Republicans.  They may spread it around 
(Robert Kraft has donated to BOTH Republican and Democratic candidates) 
but that isn't quite the point.   Most network executives (except at 
Fox) don't call the tune for what's on the air.  That's why I was 
wondering what the rule is about using a famous anchor from the network 
news-- and I doubt Pelley approved of being in the ad, not because he is 
a leftie (he's not, by the way) but because most anchors hate to be used 
in political partisanship.

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