Channel "5" during Boston's great OTA TV outage of 2012

Bob DeMattia
Tue Apr 10 15:05:53 EDT 2012

*The NECRAT pix are something else! Thanks. (However, despite the
captions, I am still somewhat confused about which stations use (or
used) which antennas. This is particularly true of the pair of panel
antennas (one four bay; one three bay) beneath the topmost pair. Were
these panel antennas originally used for analog TV on UHF channels and
subsequently converted to digital TV?*

The way I read it, all the good stuff is at the top:
20/30/39/43 are on the top half of the stick
43 is on the bottom half of the stick

The four bay below the stick were for the old analog 4 & 5.
The three bay below the four bay was for analog 2.

The "old standby antennas used during antenna construction (pic 13)" are
on a white section of tower just below a set of guys.  Looking at the
second pix ("wider view"), these are under the third set of guys from
the top.

My guess is the VHF antennas aren't used for anything now.


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