Mike Wallace Has Passed

Thomas Heathwood HeritageRadio@msn.com
Mon Apr 9 20:03:16 EDT 2012

Hmmm....that's odd.  I saw the opening of 60 minutes too, and there was an announcement that Mike had passed away and a special tribute would be broadcast on next Sunday's 60 Minutes.
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  I saw the beginging of 60 Minutes tonight.....and no reference to Mike 
  Wallace for those that might have tuned in to see news of his passing?

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    Longtime "60 Minutes" correspondent and CBS newsman Mike Wallace (a 
  Brookline native) has passed away at the age of 93. CBS is still showing the 
  previously scheduled "Face The Nation", Fox News is currently wall to wall 
  with coverage of his passing.

  Mark Watson 

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