1250 AM WGAM Manchester NH - Bernard at Large Morning Drive Time

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But AFAIK, WGAM has always been considered to be the originating
station on the network/simulcast. If WGAM and WGHM continue to be
co-owned, I would think that WGHM would pick up any local content that
WGAM was originating. That would make sense because WGAM's daytime
directional pattern is nulled to the south, which should make WGHM's
coverage of Nashua important to WGAM. Maybe the guy who is running the
local show is buying the time and he couldn't afford to buy both

Jeff Santos LMAs co-owned WSMN for his AM-drive show, which originates
at WWZN and is also heard on WARL, WLVP, and WLAM.

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WGAM 1250AM Manchester NH is no longer simulcasting ESPN WGHM 900AM
Nashua NH.
On the drive-in this morning was the inaugural (local) show of Bernard
at Large.
They will still do Red Sox broadcast for what little is left to this
season... They still call themselves The Game.

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