WEEI-FM 93.7

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I think 93.7 in its very first incarnation was WLAW-FM. I know that the
middle tower of WRKO's array is shorter than the other two towers because
the WLAW-FM antenna was there. But I wonder if WLAW-FM was on the air prior
to the move from Andover to Burlington?

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On 9/14/2011 12:37 PM, Doug Drown wrote:

> For what it's worth (and admittedly it ain't worth much), let me 
> insert this curmudgeonly comment: I hate this "EEI" call letters 
> nonsense.  Maine's oldest radio station, WABI in Bangor, had its call 
> letters changed by Blueberry Broadcasting a few years ago when 
> Blueberry abruptly dropped the station's music format (and its 60-year 
> morning man George Hale in the process, for whom the station's studio 
> was named[!]) and effected an affiliation with the WEEI Sports 
> Network. The calls were changed to WAEI.  Within a year, the WEEI 
> connection was severed because of contractual problems.  The new call 
> letters have remained. It irritated me then, and it still irritates me 
> today.  I don't like the idea of tinkering with history, especially 
> when it comes to old, historic stations.  Look at what happened to 
> WCOP, WMEX and WAAB.  At least Entercom, to its credit, has retained 
> WAAF (modified
> many years ago from WAAB-FM).  -Doug

I agree with you.  But there's nothing historic about the WMKK call 
letters.   If you want  historic call letters, 93.7 should go back to 
being WGHJ.

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