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Bill O'Neill (billohno@gmail.com) billohno@gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 11:51:40 EDT 2011

On 9/12/2011 8:47 AM, Bob Nelson wrote:
>   By the way WEEI covers much of New England with their "network". WBZ-FM has a very good signal at 98.5
>   but you wonder if they may consider doing the same thing.
Not to nitpick on that but WEEI has no Vermont coverage. (Not sure how 
they cover NH or Upper Valley).  I'm not sure why since there is _still_ 
a solid Sox base here (despite the pesky Yankee fans across the lake 
working their way here into the Champlain Valley ;-O   For the most 
part, Vermont is a solid base for Boston sports. But, the entire state 
(less tourists and illegal, er, I mean, undocumented workers) is only 
about 600k pop.

Bill O'Neill

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