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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 10:28:43 EDT 2011

Certainly WRKO gets to reach some of metro west with Howie being
carried on WCRN, Currently WRKO follows Howie with syndicated Michael
Savage, Jerry Doyle, and Red Eye Radio overnight. Perhaps they figure
they do fine by day with the morning drive and midday shows; Howie's
output suffers with
earlier sunsets but WCRN is there, and maybe they figure when it comes
to post 7 pm until morning
drive, why bother. Morning and PM drive matters. Of course this could
be one reason why the ratings are lackluster as they are no doubt
averages of all time slots. But the 650 idea could work.

When WCRN picked up Howie's show, the thought was to a) help out in
Metro West, and b) when the
Red Sox aired primarily on WRKO, 680 was obligated to carry the
pregame show (often 6:30- 7 pm
and now it's actually more like 6-7 pm). WCRN didn't do the pregame
show. Howie told his listeners to tune to WCRN to catch the rest of
his show, and to this day he still will wind up telling his listeners
to tune to WCRN once the sun goes down.

>  My question
> is, what if Entercom were to acquire WSRO and run it as a simulcast of
> WRKO at least at night?

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