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Here is another intriguing idea. Well, it's intriguing to me. Alex
Langer still owns WSRO 650, which makes good money for him carrying
brokered-time programming that is mostly, if not entirely, in
Portuguese to serve Framingham's large Brazilian community. Ashland-
licensed WSRO is a Class D AM running 250W-D 9W-N from one of the old
WKOX sticks at 100 Mt Wayte Ave almost right in the middle of

When WKOX decamped from its old site to move to Newton (and increase
to 50 kW-U) and WQOM moved out to consolidate its day and night
facilities at the five-tower site it shares with WAMG on Sewell St in
Ashland, it became economically feasible for WSRO to go directional
using both of WKOX's old towers and increase its day and night power.
Langer filed for 1.5 kW-D and 60W-N, IIRC, using a fairly loose
pattern that sends the maximum signal to the east-northeast. Because
the pattern is not overly agressive, it should work even though the
towers are less than 45 degrees apart at 650.

It appears that that app has been languishing at the FCC and it's
possible that, despite the data in the WSRO app that shows no
prohibited overlap of 25 mV/m contours with WRKO during the daytime
(nighttime is clearly no problem; WSRO reduces its power and WRKO's
signal in the direction of Framingham drops WAY down at sunset), the
FCC wants more proof that there will be no interference. My question
is, what if Entercom were to acquire WSRO and run it as a simulcast of
WRKO at least at night? The 60W directional nighttime signal on 650
ought to cover both Framingham and Natick adequately. Indeed, given
WSRO's current post-sunset authority, WSRO ought to be able to run
much more than 60W-DA during the first hour after sunset in most
months and somewhat more than 60W-DA during the second hour after

The brokered Portuguese programming could continue during daylight
hours when WRKO doesn't need any help in MetroWest. The 650 night
signal would more than equal the 850 nighttime signal in a significant
part of MetroWest.

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