Almost impossible for the average person to buy a HD Radio

Kevin Vahey
Fri Sep 9 21:52:48 EDT 2011

Is there any PPM data to indicate if anybody is listening? This is getting
like UHF in the 50's.
On Sep 9, 2011 9:43 PM, "Sid Schweiger" <> wrote:
> "Does this format have any chance to survive?"
> There really does appear to be very little consumer interest, and radio
industry figures show that new HD station conversions have slowed to a
trickle. Last figures I saw for US stations showed approximately 17% of FMs
and 3% of AMs are running HD at all, not to mention those AMs running it
daytime-only. Considering that it has been a viable transmission mode for
almost a decade, I don't think the prospects look good.
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