Sports radio in the 1930s

Sun Oct 30 19:51:46 EDT 2011

Are you suggesting that the very first AM DA in the US (at WFLA/WSUN)
was NOT shunt fed? I am NOT talking about the array at the current
site that preceded the current array. I'm talking about the station's
original two-tower array at a different site--the one that used a
transmission line as a (distributed) phasor and was replaced by the
old (and now defunct) array at the current site.

Now, does WCMB still use the original WHP two-tower array? If so, it
might legitimately be called the first AM DA STILL IN OPERATION in the

Regarding Blaw-Knox diamonds, by my calculations, WFEA's Blaw-Knox
diamond is 350' high (175.4 degrees at 1370). So if the WNAC/WAAB
tower WAS that high, WFEA may have its identical twin--and, of course,
WFEA's tower is still standing. If I'm not mistaken, WLW's and WSM's
diamonds are honored by historical markers. WFEA's diamond, though
considerably shorter, might be older than at least one of those two.
Is there a historical marker at the WFEA site?

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> I was just reading an ad for Lehigh claiming to have built the first
> shunt-fed vertical radiator (or perhaps the first shunt-fed
> two-tower
> DA), for WHP.  (As we know, there's only one of these left in the
> country, if not the world, at KOAC.)
> -GAWollman

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