WQPH Correction

Karen McTrotsky karenmctrotsky@gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 17:15:44 EDT 2011

The  attacks on the reporter on this story are hypocritical.  We had people
standing in line to rip her and the newspaper for repeating the claim of a
radio station operator. Yeah, it was a mistake, yeah, it could and should
have been caught. But what of the people on this list who postulate that
the reporter had numerous other stories to do that day?  She was identified
in print as a "correspondent."  Why is it that she is criticized for not
knowing some technical radio terminology, yet it's okay for people on this
list to ignore newspaper terminology and speculate that she had many other
stories to do that day, even though her by-line said "correspondent," and
that term, in print, generally denotes a stringer, intern or free-lancer
hired by the story? Why is it okay for the people on this list to criticize
someone else's reporting and wonder if the Lowell Sun has copy editors
without checking?  Why is it that the people pontificating here are allowed
to speculate and incorrectly surmise while simultaneously criticizing the
factual errors of others?

I'd suggest that some people need to get off the high horse.

As for the metric system, the first thing to go metric permanently was
booze, but only some of the containers were changed at first.  The;y could
give you less in the conversion of half-pints, fifths and half gallons to
200ml, 750ml and 1.75 L,  so those were changed first.  When nips became
miniatures,  pints became 500ml and quarts became liters, they had to give
you more, so they put that off until they had to. I have done exhaustive
research in this area, so if my math is off that is why.

At least we know a hand-packed quart is still a hand-packed quart.

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