WMLO 1570

Paul B. Walker, Jr. walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 09:42:19 EDT 2011

This is from Tom Taylor's Radio Info Newsletter and it is about a station
that used to be.. and pretty funny, so I thought I'd share...

*Stand by for technical difficulties - *Robert Cohen says "Yesterday's No
Names, Please story from Bob Wood about the expletive on the carted newscast
was hilarious. My experience with carted newscasts happened at my second
job, little 500-watt WMLO in Beverly, Mass. We had old Gates cart machines
which would wow and flutter, particularly with long cartridges. So often,
the news would sound fine for the first minute, and then 'Prrrrrresident
Lyndon Johnsonnnnnnnnnnnnn burrrrrp hisssssssssssss.' Another thing about
carts. This station 'employed' high school kids, some of them probably
working for free. *One enterprising kid took it upon himself to 'edit' the
top-of-the- hour and half-hour station ID which was voiced by L.A.-based
voiceover god Boyd Britton. Boyd had started his career at WMLO. The correct
ID went 'This is 1570 WMLO, Beverly...with Instant News.' One day it
mysteriously started to go 'This is WMLO Beverly (toilet flush sound
effect)...with Instant News.' That ID ran for five months before someone
finally called and asked why the toilet always flushed at the top and bottom
of the hour."*

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