Most powerful radio station in the world coming toFitchburg???????

Bob DeMattia
Mon Oct 24 22:59:52 EDT 2011

Sandia Crest elevation is 10,678 feet (which sounds much more impressive
than 3254.65 meters).
You can drive to the top in an ordinary street vehicle.


On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 10:54 PM, Bob DeMattia <>wrote:

>> The highest common site in North America is Sandia Crest, serving the
>> Albuquerque and Santa Fe area. The stations there are about 1260 m AAT ,
>> with 60 dBu reference distances around 92 km for the Class C stations that
>> are derated from 100 kW to around 20 kW based on the height.
> The site looks something like this:
> Albuquerque, population about 500,000 people looks something like this from
> the site.  If you look carefully, you
> can see the downtown area buildings in the center of the photo:
> -Bob

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