Most powerful radio station in the world coming toFitchburg???????

Scott Fybush
Mon Oct 24 19:25:43 EDT 2011

On 10/24/2011 7:13 PM, Gary's Ice Cream wrote:
> Yes.....I called her editor and I e-mailed her yesterday.  She said the
> station absolutely told her it was going to be 500 megawatts. She was rather
> arrogant about the fact that anyone would question her reporting.

That's unfortunate.

 From what little I can find on the Sun website, she doesn't seem to be 
a full-time staff reporter there; I can find only a handful of stories, 
none earlier than August, with her byline.

What did her editor say? Even if a freelancer isn't as concerned as she 
should be about getting things right, an editor certainly should be.


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