Most powerful radio station in the world coming toFitchburg???????

Garrett Wollman
Mon Oct 24 20:01:15 EDT 2011

<<On Mon, 24 Oct 2011 19:03:59 -0400, Scott Fybush <> said:

> We can call her (him?) a "complete idiot" - but has anyone bothered to 
> reach out to the reporter or editor involved and gently, concisely 
> explain that whatever the press release might have said, FM power is 
> measured in "watts" and not "megawatts"?

I don't think they even needed to go that far.  The copyeditor (if
they even still have them at the /Sun/) should have been sufficiently
numerate to notice that 500 MW was simply implausible (if for no other
reason than having edited stories about how Pilgrim generates 685 MW
of power).

So no, don't blame the reporter, blame the War on Editing.


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