Most powerful radio station in the world coming toFitchburg???????

Blaine Thompson
Mon Oct 24 19:29:32 EDT 2011

Scott Fybush asked:

> gently, concisely explain that whatever the press release might have said, FM power is measured in "watts" and not "megawatts"?

I agree with Scott that each day, GA reporters are pulled multiple directions for stories and usually have no substantive broadcasting knowledge, at least to our depth :-)

By day, and sometimes at night, I'm an airline geek.  You'd be amazed at that group: When describing airlines, airline mishaps, airports, etc., journalists often misuse one word [constantly!] and there's one member of our group that - again constantly! - e-mails each reporter to say "Hey that's not the right word!"  Before you ask, I've no idea what tone he takes with these reporters.

I'm glad someone (politely?) reached out to this reporter and/or their editor.

- Blaine

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