Radio DJ's Enter Hot Dog Eating Contest...

Sat Oct 1 22:51:30 EDT 2011

Cole slaw? cole slaw??? What happened to sauerkraut? Who puts cole
slaw on hot dogs? Mustard, relish or a pickel, melted American cheese
(Cheez-Whiz is allowed and is actually preferred in some circles, even
though it is alleged to contain no cheese) and either sauerkraut or
chili (but not both on the same hot dog) are the only legitimate
hot-dog toppings. Any other topping (including ketchup) invalidates
the contest! Cole slaw is a travesty! Ketchup and chili sauce (a
ketchup variant) are allowed on burgers, but not on hot dogs. Purists
deny that you can have both ketchup (or chili sauce) and mustard on a
burger. You have to choose a red topping or a brown topping; you can't
use both on the same burger. This is serious stuff! There are all
sorts of arcane provisions. For example, is horseradish allowed when
not a constitutuent of horseradish mustard?

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> Ok, so this isn't quite Boston or New England, but it's close
> enough:)
> 97.5 The Hound WDDH Mid Day Personality & Program Director JJ
> Michaels along
> with Afternoon Personality Paul Walker (that's me!) participate din
> a Hot
> dog eating contest Saturday afternoon.
> We had a 2 foot long hotdog with appropriately sized bun, topped
> with 1lb of
> chilli, 1 pound of fries and 1 pound of coleslaw. We had 30 minutes
> to eat
> as much as we could.
> My boss, JJ.. finished with 3.4 pounds. .i got down 1.6 pounds.
> Here's a picture:
> Pictured form left to right: JJ Michaels, Paul Walker and Mr. DDH..
> Dennis
> D. Heindl

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