Boston Red Sox on WBZ-TV

Donna Halper
Sat Nov 12 13:01:04 EST 2011

Perhaps some of you know something more about this:  on the Boston Red 
Sox site, it says the first televised Red Sox game was broadcast on 
WBZ-TV on May 12, 1948.  I am thinking that cannot be right, since 
WBZ-TV did not go on the air till June 9th, and WNAC did not go on the 
air till several weeks later. (As Arch MacDonald, then a WBZ Radio 
announcer, later recalled, the studios weren't even completed when he 
did his first TV newscast.)  I checked all my files and the earliest I 
can find a TV game for the Sox is in early July.  The Braves got on TV 
first-- June 15th, I believe.  The Red Sox were telecast in other 
cities-- in Cleveland, WEWS-TV was televising games as early as the last 
week of May.  But I cannot find evidence that a May Red Sox telecast 
took place from Fenway Park.  Do any of you know where that May 12th 
date could have come from?

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