Local Radio Still Going Strong

Mark Casey map@mapinternet.com
Sat Nov 12 12:14:29 EST 2011

My hat's off to your station and the stations like yours. What you said 
proves that a station can serve the public on a local level and still make 
enough of a profit to stay in business. And, there are many areas with 
successful local operations that really serve the public well.

But in our recent snowstorm, with power out for a week, and tornados in 
June,  with power out for 3-4 days here in Western Mass., there was no good 
local radio coverage. The TV stations did a good job. Few folks have battery 
operated TV's, but many have battery operated radios. Even Radio Stations 
broadcasting the TV coverage in a timely manner, (not a day or 2 later) 
would be appreciated. Unfortunately, We have no good local station like 
yours in the Springfield , Mass. area.

Mark Casey Hampden, MA

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On and off, I see people on this list and many others complaining
about how corpratized and non local radio has become.

I happen to work for a station, that gets it.. both from a programming
and advertising standpoint. Our listeners LOVE us and our advertisers
LOVE us. We aren't perfect, but we sure try and we definately do care.

We're a 50,000 Watt (ERP) FM standalone Country formatted station in a
town of 4000 people.

Just recently, we gave away a trip to see the Country Music
Association Awards in Nashville and we did it LOCALLY.v All paid for
and arranged locally. Next month, we're giving away $2000 in CASH for
Christmas... Again, ALL locally.

We take requests on and off all day long.

We've broadcast 11/12/13 year old softball games, football and
wrestling sports broadcasts are HUGE here.

I've worked in radio for 7 years and the equipment here is second to
none, best I've ever worked with.... We've got 4 24K Gold plated
Electrovoice RE20 Microphones, 2 Axia IP Digital Programmable
consoles. A Bank style time/temp/date sign on our front lawn, a neon
sign on the roof line and a rotating dog head on the roof of our
building. Plus, a station vehicle, a Smart car that barks and howls.

Sure, I like to brag on my station a little bit.. but we have fun here
while serving the community, our advertisers and listeners. And I
wanted people to see there are still some GOOD stations left in this

You can listen online at www.houndcountry.com

Paul Walker
Afternoons/Evenings, 3pm to 12midnight
97.5 The Hound WDDH Ridgway/Saint Marys, Pennsylvania

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